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“Sometimes, right back where you started from is right where you belong.” This could not be
more true for me. During the time my mom, Joyce Hicks, owned and operated the original
Blooms on Hardy Street, I was involved to some extent, but like most twenty- somethings, I
also desired to find ‘my own way.’ Just before graduating with my business degree from The
University of Southern Mississippi, I decided to pursue a French degree as well. This pursuit led
me to Paris, where I studied, worked, and soaked up the captivating culture of France for 3
incredible years!
                                                                  My work in Paris involved event planning, amongst other things, and after planning my own
                                                                  wedding and those of several friends, it was clear that this was my passion! I did not see God’s
                                                                  perfect plan at the time, but he was aligning both my personal and professional pursuits to bring
                                                                  me back to Hattiesburg. Being at home, in a city where I can love, support, and impact those
                                                                  around me is the most valuable reward from my journey.
                                                                  If anyone had told me or my mom that we would work together one day, we both would have
                                                                  laughed. Yet, here we are working side by side, right where we belong. And still my mom, the
                                                                  visionary behind Blooms and ever inspiring person who sees things in ways no one else can,
                                                                  never ceases to amaze me.

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JOYCEJOYCE HICKS | Owner, The Bay Bed & Breakfast
Founder and Owner, Blooms (1994-2004)

It has been an honor and privilege to be a conduit for God’s vision for Blooms since 1994.
God, the creator, made us to create. As founder and co-owner of Blooms, he gave me a way to
channel my creativity and surround myself with inspiration. My motto has always been, “I’m
just a little country girl from Sumrall and I’m here to learn.”
Learn I have. My first thoughts of what would become a vision began while on a trip to New
Orleans. Walking along Magazine Street, I popped into the shop Aux Belles Choses and
                                                                  thought, “I don’t ever want to leave.” For the next year, I was consumed with the idea of
                                                                  opening a garden shop. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine it would come to fruition! It
                                                                  was a vision from God and that is the reason for its success.
                                                                  Even more astonishing, after my reluctant sale of Blooms in 2004, I was blessed with the
                                                                  unbelievable opportunity to buy it back. This god-given miracle and having my daughter as a
                                                                  business partner is a dream come true!

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Multi-talented, mother of two, Stephanie Casey, is our marvelous in-house photographer and
Blooms’ social media guru. With a BA in Studio Art from University of Texas, her flawless
photographs and creative expertise have been essential in developing our digital presence.
Additionally, it is Stephanie’s elegant handwriting that adorns our signage in shop and at events.

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Petal native and Blooms’ official “cook”, Cathi Jefcoat is a familiar face to many of our local
patrons. “Momma Cathi” as Adrienne’s son, William, likes to call her, wears many hats at
Blooms and always delivers exceptional customer service. We could not do it without her! The
resident “bow queen” of Blooms, radiates kindness, and never meets a stranger. Cathi likes to
garden and golf, but in her free time family comes first, especially the newest addition, her
grandson Spencer. We are thrilled to have her as part of our Blooms family!
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Floral enthusiast and lead designer, James Sims hails from Bay Springs, Mississippi, and
received a formal education in horticulture and floral design from Mississippi State University.
He began his career in Starkville at The Flower Company. Our customers appreciate his eclectic
ideas, sophisticated taste level, and intuitive sense of design. When James is not making awe-
inspiring floral arrangements, he enjoys being inspired by the nature around him and spending
                                                                  time with friends. We are so grateful that he has chosen to grace Blooms and our customers with
                                                                  his incredible talents!

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13260220_1132625373466772_6186699215273135028_nHANNAH ATWOOD | SALES ASSOCIATE


Hannah Atwood, is our skillful ‘Jane of All Trades’. From making intricate prom corsages and
whimsical bridesmaids’ bouquets to helping our customers find the perfect gift for the bride-to-
be, her abilities are limitless. Her delicate features also grace Blooms’ instagram when we can
steal her away to model our custom flower crowns. Hannah loves the outdoors, bike riding, and
spending weekends on the beach. We are so thankful Hannah has shared her many talents with