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Blooms is far bigger than us as individuals! It is our team that makes Blooms the warm and inviting place we all love to be! It is our customers who truly become an extension of our family are the heart and soul of who we are! We love that Blooms has different meanings to each client: a bride who has been dreaming of her wedding day her entire life, a mommy-to-be waiting to reveal the gender of her precious little one, a husband searching for the perfect anniversary gift, a little girl in shop browsing with her mom and we present her with a rose, or friends who share a cup of coffee at The Depot Coffee House and then strolls through Blooms just to browse and be inspired. We are so grateful that we get to share life’s biggest and small moments with YOU, our customer and our family! You are the face of Blooms! Thank you for doing life with Blooms!

Never did we dream of owning a bed and breakfast, but here we are, the very proud owners of The Bay Bed & Breakfast. The renovation is simply stunning and all the credit goes to my mom, Joyce!


With only an interest of seeing the inside of the house after it was on the market for quite some time, I got a call from my mom to come see the inside of 103 Short Bay Street. I have lived on Short Bay for nearly 8 years and had never seen the inside of The Jones family home, so without hesitation I headed straight there. No doubt why anyone in their right mind would not even consider taking on such a project; original wallpaper, architectural alternations that would not have been original, paper on the ceiling, you name it. It was clearly a big project and nothing we were evening considering, but there was something about the house that drew us in. It was as if you could hear the walls talk of friends laughing, music playing, people dancing, many dinners shared in the formal dining room and kids running up and down the centrally located stair case. And since we are not in our “right mind”, before we knew it we were the owners of this grand colonial revival home built in 1903. We did not choose the house; the house chose us!


The construction began in the fall of 2014 and The Bay Bed & Breakfast became o!cial late spring of 2015 (about the same time we welcomed our second child into the world…talk about not being in your right mind;)). The Bay is such a comfortable atmosphere with loads of charm, but the best part is getting to meet so many people from all walks of life. We have loved seeing all the events that have breathed new life into this amazing home. We have hosted weddings, baby showers, dinners, and guests passing through from all over the world.


What makes The Bay unique to Blooms is that it’s the perfect fit for many of our brides to host their wedding party by all staying together the night before the wedding, celebrating with brunch the next morning and getting ready together in a house that has the perfect lighting for hair and make-up. In some cases our brides have also chosen to host their rehearsal dinner, ceremony and/or reception at The Bay.



For more information to book a night’s stay or an event, please call 601.606.7200.